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We’re often wrong at predicting what will transform us. Encountering certain people, books, music, places or ideas at the right time can immediately make our lives happier, richer, more beautiful, resonant or meaningful. When it happens, we feel a kind of instant love for them both deep and abiding. It can be something as trifling as a children’s book, a returned telephone call, or a night at a seaside bar in Greece.
Jonathan Carroll (via browndresswithwhitedots)


So the first month my girlfriend Emily and I dated we already wanted to do something fun that incorporated our relationship. We were given these old jars by her sister and thought it would be cool to use them. Each month we write a note saying one new thing we love about each other and add it to the jars. So far it’s been 15 months! We are waiting to read them until someday down the line. Each year anniversary we cheat and read one to each other. Here are the pictures from the first year. This has been one of the coolest things I’ve done with anyone, I’m so excited about the future with this girl :)

Mine was from month two and read..”I love how I’m becoming your best friend who knows how you are feeling without telling me.”

Emily’s was from month six and read..”I love that today is our six month anniversary but I feel like I have been dating you my whole life.”

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